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As you will soon discover, Bahamas Escorts here on are predominantly from Colombia and Venezuela and if you have not had the pleasure of meeting a young girl from either of these countries, you are in for a real treat. We have a selection of Bahamas Escorts that are blondebrunette and ebony!

Welcome to Nassau Escorts at

The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful island archipelagos on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that Nassau Escorts are equally as beautiful.

Any and every time you come to the Bahamas, your visit should be memorable, and any time spent with a sexy Escort in the Bahamas you have met through us, is guaranteed to be memorable.
The aim of Nassau Escorts is to help you find a female companion at an affordable rate. We fully understand that the demand of services fluctuate throughout the week, therefore rates should never be written in stone.

We welcome clients to simply make a escorts offering and it is the Escorts’ choice to decide whether they’ll accept or not.

What you’ll also like about Nassau Escorts is that you have direct contact with any of the Escorts from the very beginning. Once the Escort has accepted your offer, our work is done. You’ll then receive her contact information for you to update her on any changes to the bookings or perhaps to keep in contact to arrange a booking in the future.

This is unusual, but it has shown itself to be far more preferable for both the girls and those of you who want to meet them.

To find out more about Nassau Escorts, check out our Ebony escorts, Blonde escorts and Brunette escorts pages, where you will find all the information you need and likely the answers to any questions that you may have.

Nassau Escorts Give the Word 'Sultry' a Whole New Meaning

With dark olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes, there is something particularly alluring about South American girls, and those from escorts from Colombia and Venezuela are no exception. 

The dictionary defines the word ‘sultry’ when used to describe a woman as “attractive in a way that suggests or causes feelings of sexual desire”, and we would be inclined to agree with most of that description, save for one word, ‘suggests’. We’d change that for ‘exudes’ where our Nassau Escorts are concerned, as they have sexual desire oozing out of every pore of their silky smooth and delicate skin.

You'd Be Proud To Be Seen With Any Of Our Nassau Escorts

When you go out with a woman on your arm, you want to feel proud and special. You want to be able to look at every other man you see and know that they will be jealous as hell of you. 

Choose any one of the Nassau escort girls you will find here and tell them what the occasion or event you’d like them to accompany you to and you can bet your last dollar that they will dress appropriately and look just the part, virtually guaranteeing that heads will turn when you arrive. Now what could make you feel more special than that?


Nassau Bahamas Escorts are Smart, Sociable, Intelligent and Wonderful Company

Any of the girls you meet through Nassau Escorts will surprise you with their intellect. These girls don’t just sit there and look pretty because they know that for so many of their clients, for an evening to be memorable, there has to be a mental as well as physical connection. Our Nassau Escorts can go way beyond ‘small talk’ and many of them are highly educated.

They are almost what you could call a ‘Girl Friday’, able to adapt to virtually any and every situation they find themselves in, from an intimate dinner for two to attending a glitzy and glamorous social function. Our high class Bahamas call girls are your best company.

Multilingual and Multi-Talented Escorts in the Bahamas

You will find that the escorts registered with Nassau Escorts are all fluent in Spanish, while many of them also speak English, and other languages too.

However, these girls all know how to communicate perfectly without even having to say a single word. A look, a smile, a nod or just a touch can tell you all you need to know.


Centrally Located Escorts in Nassau Bahamas

Sometimes you can never tell when the need, or opportunity for some fantastic company can arise, so when it does, the last thing you want is to have to wait two hours to meet someone. In fact, sometimes you don’t have more than an hour to spare, so time can be of the essence. 

That’s why call girls in Nassau who register with Independent Escorts are all located within easy striking distance of all the major hotels in Nassau. You can arrange to meet in your hotel, at a bar or in a restaurant, the choice is entirely yours.

Bahamas Escorts Etiquette

In the simplest of terms, we would ask you to treat any of these lovely girls with the utmost of respect. They most definitely are not a commodity, and while you may be paying for their time, that payment does not afford you the right to behave in anything other than a gentlemanly manner.

Being a Nassau escort is a ‘profession’ to these girls and they behave in a thoroughly respectful and professional way. These girls are graceful and have perfect manners and it is only right that they should be treated with the same level of courtesy and respect as they will show you.

We don’t mean to be too personal, but please take care of your personal hygiene. The Bahamas has a tropical climate that can be either hot, humid or both, and it is easy to forget to take a much-needed shower.

Just because you are paying for the time of any of the escorts in the Bahamas you can meet through Nassau Escorts, that does not mean you have the right to expect or demand that they do whatever you may ask of them. As with all of us, there are certain things we like to do and there are other things we don’t. You should never expect an of the girls to do something they don’t want to.

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