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Welcome to the ‘Advertise with Us’ page at We are a premier adult advertising platform in the Bahamas, committed to helping you reach your target audience effectively and efficiently.

Who We Are is a trusted platform connecting companions and clients, making us the perfect place for your adult-related advertisements. Our extensive reach within the adult industry in the Bahamas guarantees visibility and engagement for your ads.

Our Audience

Our platform caters to a diverse audience actively seeking adult-related services. Advertising with us gives you an exceptional opportunity to connect with a broad, engaged, and receptive audience.

Ad Formats

We offer various ad formats, including banner ads, video ads, and sponsored content, providing you with flexibility and the ability to choose the best format for your message.

Content Guidelines

While we accept only adult-related content, we have strict guidelines to ensure that all ads maintain a certain standard of professionalism and legality. All ads must comply with our content guidelines and terms of service.

How to Advertise

To start advertising with us, follow these steps:

  1. Create Your Ad: Design your ad according to our specifications and guidelines.
  2. Choose Your Plan: We offer several flexible advertising plans tailored to meet different budget requirements.
  3. Submit Your Ad: Once your ad is ready and you’ve selected your plan, submit your ad for review.

Ad Approval Process

All submitted ads are subject to a review process to ensure they meet our content guidelines. Once approved, your ad will go live on our platform.

Support and Assistance

Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you throughout the advertising process. Whether you need help designing your ad or choosing the right plan, we’re here to help.


Advertising with means partnering with a leader in the adult industry in the Bahamas. We’re committed to ensuring your advertising efforts are successful and beneficial. Join us today and take your business to new heights.

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