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Name Paola Nationality Venezuelan Escorts
Language Spanish Age 28
Eyes Brown Hair Brunette Escorts
Height 155 cm weight 54 kg
Cup Size 34C Cup Sexuality Bisexual Escorts
Body Type Operated Class Premium Escorts
City Nassau Escorts Street Paradise Island Escorts
Type Independent Escorts Profile Link
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I am a young woman brimming with life, poised delicately on the cusp of my 28th year. My personality is a melange of tenderness and expressiveness, painting a picture of a woman who isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve.

My petite stature, standing at 1.55 meters, is accentuated by a svelte waistline measuring 60 cm, alluding to an inherent grace that resonates in my every move. My physique is further complemented by a 36B bust size, adding a dimension of femininity that underscores my identity as a woman comfortable in her own skin.

A cascade of raven-black hair frames my face, its medium length offering glimpses of a playful yet mysterious persona. My eyes, a deep shade of brown, are reflective pools that hold stories untold, their depth often captivating those who dare to hold my gaze.

My skin, a luminous shade of white, serves as a canvas for my Latin American heritage. It’s a testament to my roots, a vibrant reminder of my Venezuelan lineage that I carry with pride. Weighing in at 50 kilos, my body is a temple that I cherish and nurture, a symbol of my strength and resilience as a woman.

In terms of sexuality, I identify as bisexual. This facet of my identity is integral to who I am, reflecting the fluidity and openness with which I approach love and relationships. It speaks volumes about my willingness to embrace and celebrate diversity, to love without boundaries or restrictions.

As a prepago girl from Venezuela, I am a living embodiment of my culture and experiences. I navigate through life with an unyielding spirit and unwavering resolve, embracing every opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish. Despite the challenges that come my way, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, forever guided by the light of hope and resilience that burns brightly within me.


Price Per Hour $300 Price Extra Hour $300
Price 4 Hours $1200 Price 24 Hours $2800
Payment Options Cash, Zelle and Cashapp Preferred Payment Option Cryptocurrency

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I was quite impressed by her massages. She's really professional and a stunning woman.

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