All Night Long – 24 Hours plus with an Escort

Longer Bookings


Nassau Escorts are the premium choice for a discreet, no strings attached date. Our ladies are fresh, exclusive, high-quality and exceptionally captivating company.

Enjoy a private VIP Nassau Escort introduction for an entire day! Walk the beach, go out for a dinner date, and top off the evening with sensual, hot, lusty sex.

You will meet a real woman as your invited guest. She will treat you with respect and consideration while being discreet at all times. So, be a gentleman, and you will have a romantic day that far surpasses anything you could even imagine!

Nassau Escorts Bookings Longer than 24 Hours

Although there is a minimum booking of 2 hours, many clients prefer longer bookings with sex workers, especially overnight. If a booking lasts even longer than 24 hours, you need to keep in mind a few things to keep things comfortable for you and your escort.

Meals – At Least 3 Meals a Day

Most dates involve a lot of food choices. Sharing food and drink increases intimacy, provides a conversational topic and makes sure everyone is fed. Many people eat three meals a day, but not everyone. Diets are personal, and the amounts people eat vary, too. Sometimes a client’s food schedule is vastly different than the typical meals of the escort, so we ask you to be sensitive to her needs. At least three meals, at your expense, are the minimum, but please be courteous and regularly check in with your Nassau escort and ask if she wants something to eat or drink.

Undisturbed Sleep for at Least 6 Hours a Night

Sleep is personal, too. Make sure your Nassau Escort has enough time to sleep, and you will find the time with her while you are both awake to be incredible. “Spoon” as you sleep together, or sleep apart, that’s your choice, then enjoy breakfast in bed in the morning, after your refreshing showers.

Mostly, 24 or more hours with Nassau Escorts flows naturally. She readily takes the lead sometimes, and your choices are her priority in and out of the bedroom. Reach out for your own special 24 hour or more booking to stay overnight with a Nassau Escort. Call 786-753-7884 now!


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