How to Become an Escort

How to Become an Escort


Working with Bahamas Backpage as an escort and companion is fun and exciting! You have the option of contracting us to manage the booking process or you may manage it yourself. If we are contracted, you will enjoy top security, supportive management, and the very finest experiences. Bahamas Escorts is operated based on respect and absolute integrity.

A General Guide to Becoming a Bahamas Escort


There are few guides written about how to become an escorts Bahamas anywhere in the world. And there are even fewer about the Bahamas. So, this guide should answer some of your questions as a sophisticated young lady looking for answers about how to become an escort.

A Bahamas Escort fulfills two roles. The first is as a professional companion, catering to gentlemen in public settings. The second is as an escort catering to the sexual interests of men in the ‘adult industry.’ Your services are promoted with tasteful, sensual photos on the website in various states of undress.

You are promoted to these gentlemen as a real woman. Your fresh and authentic nature is what they crave. You are a true companion, providing intimacy while looking great in a bikini.

Not every woman is suited to the escort world, even in the Bahamas, so here are some questions to ask yourself.

Things You Need as an Escort


i. Looks

Firstly, the industry is based on personal image, like the modeling industry. You need to be good looking, with pleasant features. There is no need for what they call “classically beautiful” since men find all types of beauty attractive.

ii. Physique

A sexy physique is what being a Bahamas escort is all about. You don’t have to have a perfect, traditional body, as long as you are sensually confident in your own skin. An hourglass shape, or supermodel stature, big ass or legs that go on forever – what’s important is that you are proud and happy with your sex appeal. A sexy walk, a sensual tease while eating a meal and a thrill from wearing alluring clothes make your physique exactly right.

iii. Culture

Your free spirit and open-minded attitudes will be a joy in the bedroom. also accompany gentlemen to dinner, corporate events, to the beach and out-on-the-town. So, the more comfortable you are in a variety of situations, the more fun you will have as a Bahamas escort.

Many dates are fairly simple. You arrive in your designer clothing, then share a lovely chat, give a tantalizing massage, and have sex. But many involve an evening together dining, dancing, and sharing intimacy.

iv. Personality

Sensuous, flirtatious, outgoing, and friendly escorts are more likely to satisfy their gentlemen and have repeat bookings. Kind, gracious and dignified, an open-minded amicable personality does best. So, if you are friendly with everyone and find it easy to strike up interesting conversations with new people, you’ll find being a Bahamas escort fun and exciting.

v. Knowledge

Conversational ability means having something to talk about. Discussing the beauty of the Bahamas and the current weather may open many chats but having something more to say makes for a better time.

Some gentlemen will simply be completely at ease from the start, while others find casual conversation helpful before stepping into something more intimate. Follow some sports or other “manly” topics that could be of interest. Music, food, wines, and spirits (and beer!) may be a good place to start learning. Check out some videos or blogs. Know just enough to start the conversation!

Most of being a good conversationalist is about getting the other person to be comfortable enough to start talking. So, learning how to ask questions is a good skill to have!

vi. Style

Show your shape while dressing appropriately for whatever the event. You look great in a swimsuit and lingerie, but remember that there are other occasions, too. If in doubt, go for elegant and understated and let your hot body and incredible looks do the rest. Usually, you will have very specific instructions if there is any question about how to dress. You are a special woman, a true queen, exceptional inside and out. Let it show!

vii. Reliability

You can’t make dates and not show up. If you can’t do what you say, be where you promised you’d be, or deliver what you offer, then you can’t allow the agency to promote you.​

BECOME a Bahamas Escort


Contact us at the number Bahamas Escort Agency to get more details about becoming a Bahamas escort. You’ll meet the people and learn the process before you need to make any final decision. We’ll even discuss the money.

We recommend you have your hair and makeup done special before you arrive if possible. Not glamor makeup, a fresh, natural-looking style.

We will provide instant professional promotion using extensive marketing. You’ll have excellent security behind you, and all screening is done for you professionally by us if you choose to contract us. So, you will never have to encounter the filtered out inquiries. Plus, we offer full training for new escorts.

Let us know your availability so we can properly promote you.

Enjoy a fun, exciting and tasteful career as on Bahamas escort!

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