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Here are the details for booking a beautifully sensual experience with a gorgeous angel from

First, please approach our Independent Escorts in Nassau as a gentleman. The  girls reserve the right to refuse any caller. Our gorgeous female companions prefer to spend time with tasteful, appreciative dates for truly enjoyable engagements. She may choose to meet you at your hotel for an initial discreet introduction. This is preferred than meeting in public, where you would end up wandering around trying to find each other. However, it is possible to have her meet you at a specific pre-arranged restaurant or event. Our Escorts are professional and will always do their best to accommodate your schedule and your preferences. But please remember that the escorts are real people, and occasionally they may simply be unavailable. We kindly ask for your patience as you adjust your schedule or select a different escort.

Daytime, Evening and Nighttime Attire for Escorts Independent

You will read that Escorts Bahamas ladies always wear attractive and alluring outfits suitable for the occasion. If you prefer a specific type of attire, please feel free to let us know. If you have plans for your date time that may require a change of clothes (beach, fine dining, etc.), please let us know so we can pass that information along to your Escort. Independent Female Escorts in Nassau will do their best to accommodate your preferences and dress for the occasion. Discretion is always a priority.

Booking Details

For the pricing details, please contact us at +1 786 753 7884 or the girls directly. Payments are required by cash during the first 10 minutes you are with the Escort.
When you’re ready to make your appointment contact the Escort directly or book with our friendly, helpful booking agents are on-call 24/7. Ask about the schedule of your desired Nassau Escort, or discuss your needs for a recommendation for the most suitable companion for you. We also help you decide on the most appropriate venues and restaurants to take your date to dinner.


Confusion and misunderstandings can go a long way to creating an un-enjoyable situation for both you and your escort. To avoid such a situation, we strongly advise that prior to meeting your chosen escort, you openly discuss what you are expecting after you meet. Our Independent Escorts are broad minded and certainly not shy, so please don’t feel uncomfortable when discussing your preferences. Chances are they could probably make you blush rather than the other way around!

If this is your first time meeting one of our Bahamas escorts, then part of the initial submission to us will have included an indication of the fee you are happy to pay. That fee is based on the girl’s hourly rate, but it is not a contractual obligation. In other words, you still need to talk to your escort and agree what is to be included for that payment.

You should also agree on the method of payment. This may vary, but normally cash or a credit card can be used, while a Bahamas escort will also accept payment via PayPal. You may rest assured that where your card statement is concerned, the ‘payee’ will be a discreet and unremarkable entry.


Here at, if you want to know what we are about, the answer is simple. We are about pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment and fun. We are about the very best of company, we are about refinement and we are about exceptional women.


What separates us from so many other introductory sites for escorts in the Bahamas is how our system is set up, and this is because we have listened to you and taken note of the feedback we have received from so many of you. There has been a problem, and we wanted to do something about it, which is why the Independent Escorts operating practices are so different from what you may have been used to.

We have realized that because we only have the very best escorts in the Bahamas, they don’t just appeal to those of you who have yet to have the pleasure of meeting them for the first time. So many of you who have had the good fortune to meet one, or more than one of the gorgeous escorts on want to see them again, and again… But what you don’t enjoy is not being able to contact them directly.

You have likened the situation to when you were very, very young and wanted to see you best friend, only each and every time you had to ask their parents if they could come out to play. That’s not the way it should be with any of the girls with Independent Escorts.


So, only the first time you want to meet any of the girls do you need to request a meeting through us. Once we have all the details you require, then you will be given the telephone number to your chosen escort, and you can then contact her direct. But that is just the beginning. We want to make everything about meeting Independent Escorts as ‘normal’ as possible, so what could be more normal than being able to call them up when you want to see them. Isn’t that what you do with your friends, so why should it be any different here? After all, what we have learned from also talking to the girls is that the ‘relationships’ they strike up with so many of their clients is special, and they also like the freedom of being able to chat to them and arrange to meet up, often weeks in advance.


Many of the girls’ clients call them up the minute they know they’re coming back to the Bahamas, which is testament to how well this system works, and how relaxed and informal it is. While on the one hand there is a business element to the relationships our girls have with their clients, it goes far deeper than that. This makes logical sense as getting up close and personal with someone on more than a one-off basis means it becomes virtually impossible to remain detached and impersonal. The Independent Escorts in Nassau registered with are young, beautiful and sensitive. They all have feelings and they all care about you and how you are feeling too. These girls are not dispassionate and soulless, as you will soon discover.

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