A Romantic Beach Picnic in the Bahamas

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Yes, you could be romantic with an Escort!

Yes, you could be romantic with an Escort!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Eat, drink and flirt, as you bask in the beautiful Bahamas sunshine. Bring the champagne or cold beer. She’ll wear something revealing. And spend some time making each other laugh.

Add some light snacks, but if you want to go a bit further, check with your hotel about a picnic hamper. Then, all you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the view and each other’s company. The beaches in the Bahamas are here to enjoy all year, so make the most of the tropics by getting up to no good!

The beach picnic opportunities are endless. All you really need is a beach towel or blanket, some snacks and some shade. Then in just a few minutes, you’re all set for a romantic picnic on the beach! Elaborate beach picnics take a bit of planning.

Top Tips for a Romantic Beach Picnic with a Bahamas Escort

A beach blanket or towel is great, but some beaches offer more comfortable seating. A shade or tepee tent reduces the chance of getting sunburned. Sunset picnics can skip the shade. If you want to plan something over-the-top romantic, add some beautiful flowers, beachy decor, and romantic lighting strings.


Finger food is best! Enjoy it with your fingers, don’t worry about spills, tantalize, tease and have fun! Cheeses, nuts, appetizers, veggies & dip, mini sandwiches, chips & salsa, and desserts like brownies, cookies or strawberries.


Chilled wine, cold beer, or even champagne! Maybe lemonade, fruit waters, and always some plain water. (Don’t forget the bottle opener!)


Bring some fun activities like a beach ball or a frisbee. Or bring a book to read aloud to each other. Or just bring yourself and share some intimate conversation with Bahamas Escorts in Nassau on the beach.

Create a romantic beach picnic set up to celebrate the time with your Bahamas Escort in a unique setting. What are your favorite ways to create a romantic beach picnic?

Call today to schedule your time with Bahamas Escorts – for a romantic beach picnic or any intimate fun with Escorts in Nassau!

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