Escort Experience: Here Are the Different Types

Escort Experience


No two Bahamas Escorts are alike, so there are many types of escort experiences. But many gentlemen find that the time together falls into one or more of a few categories. Many encounters begin with one type and move through to others as the intimacy increases. As you book additional times with the same Nassau Bahamas Escort, naturally, your experiences become closer as you get to know each other better.

The Date or Companion Experience

Maybe you have a special event and need a date who will look great on your arm. Or perhaps you are looking for a quiet dinner date in a romantic setting. Then again, you could go clubbing with an incredibly sexy date to trip the light fantastic! Your Bahamas Escorts will be by your side for a great time and a real date or companion experience.

Intro to Sensual Exploration

In a safe space for intimate exploration and learning, your Bahamas Escort acts as your sensual guide. She steps into your intimate space, sharing the sensual secrets and skills from her own rich experience. Understand the deeper levels of your sexuality while you learn new ways to please both yourself and your partner. Your time together aims to learn through sensual exploration, using your needs as a guide. At the same time, your questions and desires are kept safe within established boundaries.

Exploration to Overcome Inhibition

In this exploration experience, you discover a vulnerability, intimacy, and healing with healthy boundaries. When you confront the things that inhibit you, you gain freedom, sexually and in the rest of your life! You probably won’t even realize what was holding you back. Sexual inhibitions are often core to fear and past wounds. So, as you imagine shedding your inhibitions, you become free to enjoy the greatest human experience – truly incredible Bahamas sex.

Couples Consultation

Private pillow talk is frequently the key to unlock a deep and profound connection together. The dynamics of care, affection and communication come into balance in many ways, especially through lusty sexual play and intimate expression. Join as a couple to exchange core sensual elements erotically. Delve into sensual exploration, pleasurable space for you both to explore your inner depths together.

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