Threesome Bookings – Do’s and Don’ts



There are some rather specific do’s and don’ts of duo bookings with two (or more) Bahamas Escorts.

A threesome with two racy bisexual escorts comes in high on many men’s wish lists. So, it comes as no surprise that escorts regularly find themselves invited as a duo together for a booking. When two (or more) Nassau Escorts visit with a client together, this is referred to as a Duo Booking. This mind-blowing experience for you is also a time the escorts enjoy immensely.

Check the for availability for bisexual Duo Bookings and a few extra do’s and don’ts.

Selecting Two escorts for a Duo Booking


The majority of escorts are bicurious or bisexual, but not all combinations work well together. So, we carefully advise you which pairs of escorts will book together. Two escorts who are exactly your type does not mean that they are each other’s type. So, you tell us which escort appeal to you the most, then we can let you know which ones the best duo matches. You can also select your very favorite escort who you want definitely as one of your threesome and ask to recommend her favorite duo partners. Then, a spectacular threesome experience awaits you!

Arrivals and Departures of Escorts


For Duo Bookings, the escorts arrive and depart together. If you find you have developed a preference for one escort during the Duo Booking, simply invite her again for another new booking. Do not ask her to stay overtime by herself. However, when you spend a more extended time with your favorite escort, you can invite a second escort for a shorter visit. Like when you spend the whole day with one escort, the second escort could arrive after dinner. Then, all three of you could enjoy a glass of champagne as you get to know the new arrival to build up the sexual atmosphere. You say goodbye to the second escort a few hours later and continue the rest of your booking. In this situation, the different arrival and departure times are no problem. You may even requests for longer bookings to keep the experience going!

During a Duo Booking, your relaxing build-up increasingly moves into a sensual setting, just like a “regular” booking. The two Escorts take the initiative to have sex both with you and then also with each other.

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