How to Be a Good Client: So She Genuinely Likes You

How to Be a Good Client


This whole topic could probably be summed up in just a couple of words… “Be likable.” But let’s delve more deeply and see what specific actions you can take so one of your escort service providers really does like you.

Some things annoy all escorts, like asking for discounts, whining about why some services aren’t offered, asking for extra photos, booking and not showing up, etc. Good clients never do these things. Good clients are respectful, straightforward, easy-going and polite.

There’s a first time for everything. First times for many things come with some anxiety. On a first date, so many things seem important, but only a few things really are.

If this is the first time you are booking with a  Bahamas Escort Agency, chances are you already have a lot of questions. So, how do you make yourself likeable enough on your first date with her to make sure it is a success?

Check Your Expectations

Before you go to meet up with your Escort Bahamas date, take a quick check of your expectations. This invitation is not a long-term romantic relationship, but it is important you behave politely. Relax, and be your best self. Sometimes gentlemen forget they’re meeting with a real woman, like every other, with feelings that need to be considered, too.


On your first date, keep your conversations light. Stay away from talking about your previous relationships, distasteful or dirty jokes, and offensive topics like religion, politics, and the state of the world. Stick to “getting-to-know-you” type topics.

Allow your Bahamas Escort to take the lead in the conversation. She knows exactly how to help you feel at ease and keep the evening rolling.

Be Your Best Self

As the night goes along, keep being a charming date, so she would want to go out with you again. Keep your sense of humor and your manners the whole time. You may start with a light massage for intimacy to help get the night going. Don’t let the intimacy and great sex delude you into thinking it’s okay to be obnoxious! Women are perceptive and intuitive.

Always be real and conduct yourself as a gentleman when you are on a date with a Bahamas Escort, and she will genuinely like you!

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