How to Dress and Attract Clients

Attract Clients


Atlantis Hotel and Baha Mar are two of the biggest, most luxurious resorts in Nassau. With their prestige, they can be lucrative places to search for clients—if you do it right.

From your outfit to your attitude, there are numerous factors that affect your ability to attract clients. Read on to find out how to master the art of resort soliciting.

What to Wear: Dressing to Attract

As an escort at an established Bahamas Escort Agency, appearance matters. While Atlantis and Baha Mar are places for guests to relax and unwind, they are still luxury resorts. Choose the wrong outfit, and you won’t stand out among your opulent surroundings. To keep clients coming, follow these tips:

Set Yourself Apart

You know your body best. When you’re deciding what to wear, opt for clothes that highlight your best features. Find something you feel confident wearing that complements your shape. That confidence will shine through to your clients, and they’ll find you more attractive.

As far as style goes, stay up-to-date on current trends. Elegant, contemporary clothes will appeal to a wide range of clients, making it easier to solicit them.

Invest in a Quality Wardrobe

Quality always beats quantity when it comes to your wardrobe, especially when you’re soliciting clients at luxury resorts. High-quality pieces will last longer and show clients that no detail is too small. Opt for name brands over knockoffs—after all, this is an investment in yourself.

Keep your overall look in mind while you shop. This will keep your wardrobe cohesive, and you’ll have more room to mix and match pieces when you go out. And since you’ll be working near resorts, be prepared for anything, whether it’s a day at the beach or dinner at a luxury restaurant.

How to Solicit Clients at Nassau Resorts

Now that you’ve got your look down, it’s time to find some clients. There are a couple of ways you can establish yourself as an escort in Nassau’s resort scene.

Build Up Your Profile

Whether you’re working independently or through an agency, take the time to create the perfect online profile. As a traveling escort, you’ll have plenty of competition—a good profile can help you stand out to clients. Be sure to outline your services and craft a bio that captures your personality to attract partners you’re compatible with.

Partner with an Escort Service

If you haven’t done so already, partnering with an escort service like Bahamas Escorts can help you get the exposure you need. You’ll establish yourself as an escort at Baha Mar and Atlantis Hotel, and find clients who will keep coming back again and again.

Want more educational escort tips? Visit the Bahamas Escort’s blog to grow your career today.

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